N.C. 2000 + Literacy/Numeracy
Automatic reports + targets
Automatic lists of N.C. targets + topics to cover
Easy data transfer between versions + to and from other databases
Store N.C. records for 1,000+ pupils
Buy 2  versions and SAVE £25!

Click on the right to download the program file to your computer.

Save the file (which is called pcnst6.exe) to a suitable temporary folder (e.g. called temp).
Start the installation by double clicking on the folder temp and then double clicking on pcnst6.exe:

Now follow the instructions on screen, and the Setup program will install the Nstore programs and help files in the folder C:/Program Files/Nstore6.
When the installation has finished, double click on this folder to show the contents:


Double click the left mouse button on the file called ReadMe.
The program manual should now be displayed in your web browser:

Click on the relevant section in the index on the left of the window for instructions on running and using Nstore.
A few parts of the index are shown in red. These are features which are only fully operational in the full version of Nstore


Once you've seen how much time Nstore could save you, we hope you'll want to order a full copy.

This only costs £49.95 including a site licence, and
full details are provided in the demonstration program help window.


  • Intel® c/tble 486 processor or higher

  • 16MB RAM/8 MB Hard Disc Space

  • Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/ME /2000/XP or NT® Workstation vs.3.51.