N.C. 2000 + Literacy/Numeracy
Automatic reports + targets
Easy data transfer between versions + to and from other databases
Buy 2  versions and SAVE 25!

Click on the right to download the program file to your computer.

Save the file (which is called nst6demoprog.zip) to a suitable folder.
Use an archive program (e.g. WinZip) to "unzip" this file to a temporary folder e.g. temp.
When you have "unzipped" the files, open up this temporary folder on your PC by  clicking twice on the folder name:

Make sure your Psion 5 is connected to your PC, then click twice on nstore6demo to start automatic installation. When prompted (as below) just click Next to install Nstore to its default drive (C:[Internal]):

The program and files will now be installed  and the transfer process  will be shown on screen
The program files are automatically installed in the folder C:\system\apps\nstore6. 
The Teacher Comment, Literacy, Numeracy and National Curriculum files are copied into the folders C:\nst6file\comments and C:\nst6files\newnatcu.
Some sample pupil files are also provided, and are stored in C:\nst6file\2knsdata.You may like to experiment with these before creating your own files, using Custom Setup.
When the transfer has finished you should see this message:

Click on Finish to end the installation.


Once you've seen how much time Nstore could save you, we hope you'll want to order a full copy.

This only costs 49.95 including a site licence, and
full details are provided in the demonstration program help window.
Don't forget you can buy the PC version for only 25 if you buy it at the same time as the Psion 5 version.